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Nutrition & your Menstrual Cycle

As women it's important to understand how your menstrual cycle effects your nutritional needs.

the menstrual cycle hormones chart

In this weeks Shero Life Podcast we learn about the shifts in hormones during your cycle. How to adapt your food to better support your cycling hormones and energy demands.

The main take aways:

1. Follicular Phase starts on Day 1 when you start bleeding and ends when you ovulate. During this phase Estrogen is higher, and lower carb eating in beneficial.

2. Luteal Phase starts at Ovulation and ends when bleed starts. Approximately day 15 - day 28. During this phase Progesterone is highest, total energy demand is increased and additional carbohydrates are beneficial.

3. No matter the phase - For hormone health you should always:

- Prioritise Protein intake.

- Focus on quality of food - where does your food come from?

- Ensure variety of Protein, Vegetables and Fruits.

- Eat enough Fibre rich foods.

- Supplement with probiotic foods.

Want to hear the whole conversation? Check out the podcast episode now!

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