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Have you ignored your Pelvic Floor?

The Pelvic Floor is an integral part of your core. Many women have symptoms of Pelvic Floor dysfunction but are not aware, because unfortunately these symptoms are normalised and ignored by many doctors and coaches.

In this weeks The Shero Life Podcast episode we talk about what the pelvic floor is, they signs and symptoms of dysfunction to look out for that are common and NOT normal. And how to go about fixing them, with some powerful client stories to help us realise that we are all experiencing the same things!

If you are in a hurry some Common - NOT Normal symptoms to look out for:

  • Pain during intercourse

  • Pee while exercising, jumping, running, coughing

  • Can’t hold in Poo

  • Feeling of pressure on the Pelvic Floor

Now if you've got time, pop over to the podcast and have a listen.

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