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Poor confidence?
Lacking client retention?
Not making enough money?

Introducing the Shero Method Coaching Mentorship: For female coaches ready to deliver the highest quality coaching to their clients and thrive in the personal training industry.


Q. Are you a female coach ready to up level and offer your clients a higher value of service, making more money in the process?


Q. Be recognised as a pioneer and leader in trauma informed training whilst delivering transformative Mind & Body results.

Q. Are you a female personal trainer struggling to grow your business?


Q. Struggling to recruit and maintain long term clients?


Q. Lacking confidence in how to support your clients to achieve their goals with an       evidence based client centered approach?


Q. Or are you a woman who loves to train, but wants your training to have a holistic trauma informed approach, wanting to gain personal knowledge to  apply to your own practice.

Only 5 spaces Available! 


Coaching Skill Mastery

  • Understand and implement a mind/body approach to strength training.

  • Confidently coach foundational movement patterns, progressions and regressions for client needs including basic rehab adaptations.

  • Masters of Programming Principles - Confidently program for any client to achieve their goals.

  • Identifying client personality patterns and learning styles to ensure adaptable appropriate coaching.

  • Confidently deliver trauma informed strength training by understanding and applying, priming safety, window of tolerance, Polyvagal Theory in clients and self, and pain science foundations.

  • Confidently perform client assessments, overcome client objectives and sell yourself.

  • Confidently deliver high quality coaching and make more money.


Continually Investing In Personal Development

  • Invest in education and mentorship

  • Personal application of training and movement principles, lead by example builds confidence of clients. Mastery starts with self. 

  • Able to identify weaknesses and never settles with the current level of development. 

This could be you.


Trauma-informed coaching holds remarkable efficacy in the realm of strength training due to its holistic approach.

Recognising that past traumas can manifest physically and emotionally, trauma-informed coaches ensure a safe and supportive environment that respects individual boundaries and triggers.

By tailoring training regimens to each person's comfort level and history, coaches help clients build not only physical strength but also mental resilience.

This approach fosters a deeper mind-body connection, reduces the risk of retraumatisation, and allows clients to rewrite their narratives of strength, rebuilding from a foundation of empowerment and self-care.

Pink Background

Learn from industry leading coaches.




A dedicated specialist in women's training, renowned as a Pre & Postnatal Coach and Somatic Coach. She stands as a trailblazer for The Shero Method, an approach to strength training rooted in trauma-informed principles. With an impressive coaching journey spanning over a decade, Jesse brings a wealth of expertise. Her mastery in the realms of CrossFit and Powerlifting at an elite level further enhances her credentials. Bolstered by her background in somatic coaching, Jesse emerges as a mentor capable of profound transformation.

Ray Pic 3.jpg


A widely renowned Entrepreneur, 

Fitness Business Mentor, Master Trainer.

 With over 15 years of experience Ray has trained over 1000 Personal Trainers, run multiple multimillion dollar gyms, taught courses and sold over 1 Million Dollars in Personal Training!!
Ray has learnt from the best in the industry including Charles Poliquin, Ed Coan, Matt Wenning, Dimitry klokov and Kevin Darby, developing the vital skills to train and run an effective fitness business.

Ray brings his expertise in the fitness business teaching effective client assessments, sales, and building successful operations to help our mentorship clients build a successful business.

Studying at Home

What's included?

The Shero Method - Comprehensive Learning:

  • Unlimited observing live Shero Classes (Minimum of 12 classes)

  • Access to Shero Programming and educational resources

  • Weekly group coaching call 60min

  • Education Modules to support learning

  • Required reading list 

  • Homework to allow fully embodying the information

  • 3x Full Day Workshops 

  • Private Whats app Group for additional support and feedback

  • Written & Spoken Exam + 3 Practical Class Coaching Assessment

  • PLUS a 2 month follow up integration call after completion.

We are seeking women who are poised to make a powerful investment in themselves. We recognise the significance of becoming a truly impactful coach, someone who can deliver enduring results. If you understand the value of honing your coaching skills for long-term success, we invite you to join our journey. Embrace this opportunity to grow, excel, and make a lasting difference as a coach who drives transformative change.

The 3 month Shero Method Coaching mentorship is for female trainers and aspiring coaches limited to 5 women.

Mon 5th Feb - Sun 28th April, 2024

Exclusive BETA Program Pricing 5999dhs.

Coach Testimonial:


Joanna Rowstrowska

I started mentoring with Jesse at the beginning of my own coaching journey and thanks to her guidance and direction I became a confident and independent coach. Her vast experience in coaching and training as a high level CrossFit athlete and Australian Representative Powerlifter means an almost endless source of knowledge.

What is unique about Jesse is that she not only teaches you the principles of training, but also explains how to deal with the human nature of clients and how to create safe training environment for them.


Personally she changed my view on fitness by teaching me how to navigate my emotions and spirit through movement, which I will be forever grateful for.

The Shero Training approach takes into consideration the physical and emotional state of each client. It is a  whole new experience for me as a coach, giving me the opportunity to learn more about the nervous system, emotions and body as a whole. I’ve learnt how to practically apply that information to each client (and myself). 


Being able to learn all this and then join the Shero team as a coach makes this a coaching dream come true.


Peter Abi Najem

Ray was not just a fitness mentor, but also an extraordinary friend who inspired me and everyone around him. His passion for health and wellness radiated through his every action and word. Whether it was cheering us on or offering a listening ear to someone struggling with their journey, Ray was always there with unwavering support and encouragement.


His dedication to his own goals was matched only by his genuine desire to see others succeed. Ray would always go above and beyond to help those around him reach their full potential. His positive energy was contagious, lifting spirits and instilling confidence in others. With Ray by your side, you not only had a mentor but a true friend who believed in your abilities and celebrated every milestone, big or small. His impact on the lives of those he touched will forever be remembered, and his legacy as an inspiring mentor and friend will continue to motivate and uplift me for years to come.


Marita Peters

I joined The Shero Life as a client in February 2021. Even though I had regularly trained for 20 years prior to starting with Shero, I learned how to build a really strong foundation, how to fuel myself with appropriate nutrition, and how to support my body through physical pain and emotions. All these experiences inspired me so much that I chose to do my Level 3 PT certification after a year of being in the program aspiring to join the platform as a coach. 


During my study and for a few months after, I did a mentorship under Jesse. 


I am forever grateful to have had this opportunity to have Jesse as a mentor, whether I chose to work with Shero or if I had decided to pursue becoming a freelance personal trainer I now feel prepared. 


Jesse shares knowledge and wisdom that is far beyond the technicalities of physical training. While she excels in that space, during my mentorship with her I learned how to help clients tune into their nervous systems, to feel safe in their bodies, to express their emotions and connect to their bodies in a profound way. 


As a women's training specialist, she also teaches specifics of training women in alignment with their life cycles. All of these methods made the mentorship very unique and well beyond what I had learned in my PT certification. Being in Jesse's orbit is something that will change you and your life.

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