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The Expansion & Contraction of Progress.

One of the common challenges clients face is after a few months of great progress, suddenly having motivation wane or life getting in the way. Causing a fall back into old habits and routines, losing progress and forward momentum.

This is a normal part of the growth cycle with can be explained by understanding the concept of expansion and contraction.

In this weeks The Shero Life Podcast episode we dive into the Expansion and Contraction of progress.

Expansion is when you operate with new beliefs, new capacity and greater abundance.

Contraction is a state of fear and desire to contract back to the safety of the comfort zone.

The beauty of this is that the contraction is the phase where you get to choose to integrate the new learning. This phase is there to help you to get the the next level, so instead of getting frustrated and throwing in the towel. Where is your life can you identify a contraction happening? And what action can you take to keep moving forward toward your goals?

You can listen to the Podcast episode now.

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