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Client Questions Answered

In this weeks Shero Life Podcast we discuss guilt for taking time off, luteal phase cravings and how much cardio should you really be doing? In this episode we answer a range of client questions that we are sure everyone can relate to.

The key points:

I feel guilty for not feeling sick, what can I do about the guilt?

  • Opportunity to recognise limiting belief

  • Or is it reality?

  • Is the action I’m choosing helping me reach my goal faster or slowing down my progress?

Hunger and cravings during the luteal phase of cycle

  • Hunger - you aren’t failing

  • Progesterone needs carbs

  • Greater energy demand during luteal phase.

  • Hunger is a good thing.

How much cardio should I be doing for fat loss

  • 8-10,000 steps decrease in all cause mortality 

  • 1-2 bouts of 30 min zone 2 cardio per week in addition to strength training

  • You have a finite resource of TIME - don’t try to do it all at once.

Should I increase my protein Targets?

  • 1-1.4g per KG of bodyweight, but can go as high as 2grams

How do I navigate social outings while staying on plan?

  • Communicate to your friends and family

  • Understand you priority

  • Be willing to say ‘no’

  • Save calories for a specific meal

  • Portions, dressings, 

I feel tired and I didn’t do my steps

  • Moving is a fast way to change state

  • Permission to do the minimum

  • Remember your why

Want to hear the conversation? Listen to this weeks episode of The Shero Life Podcast now.

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