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Many Lives, Many Masters - Book Club Questions

I first read this book about 10 years ago, it was the first time I began questioning my own beliefs about reincarnation and life’s purpose. What was I raised to think of as true? What if there were things to know that I hadn’t learnt from my upbringing? Many years and much learning later about the topics in the book it’s wonderful being able to introduce this to The Shero Life community.

Reincarnation - A topic many of us didn’t think about growing up. That was true of me, and of Brian L. Weiss, a psychologist and the author of Many Lives, Many Masters. Through his experience treating Catherine his beliefs about reincarnation, our purpose for living and dying were transformed.

All I ask as you read any book like this is to enter with an open heart and mind.

Book Club Questions:

  1. Did the book make you question your current beliefs about reincarnation? If so, how?

  2. What were you raised to believe about life after death?

  3. How did you feel about the masters? Some of our group found the idea challenging, what do you think their purpose is? Why do you think animals and other living creatures aren’t spoken about?

  4. In the book we are presented with the idea that death is not an end, but a transition. How does this relate to your own feelings about death?

  5. What did you take from the story to be our purpose in each lifetime?

  6. In Catherine’s lives she recognises souls from her present life, each time in important connections to her. What did you feel about this? Does it make you think about who in your current life may be a soul you’ve known before?

  7. Did the ideas in the book trigger any resistance?

The books we read in the Shero Book Club are chosen with the purpose of encouraging thoughtful discussion. If you’re interested to join our next Book Club meeting check out our Events Page to register.

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