Candice Ford

Life Coach


Candice is a dedicated CPCC coach who firmly believes that we do our best work when we step into your power & live a life that inspires us. Wife to an incredible man, mummy to two feisty little ones & currently living in Thailand, Candice is the founder of Candice Ford Coaching & co-founder of Locus Retreats, an uncompromising health and wellness retreat.

Candice has a diverse and colourful background and knows exactly what it takes to strive, thrive and succeed in a fast-paced & culturally diverse world. In 2011, she founded the Middle East’s First CrossFit affiliate, coaching, competing & establishing best practice over the business’ 8-year adventure. In late 2018, she announced the sale of her CrossFit affiliate and the launch of Locus Retreats. Candice Ford Coaching launched in 2017, helping frustrated, overworked & underwhelmed professionals rediscover their fizz, define what really matters & step into their true power. This remains the body of Candice’s work.