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Pull-Up Shero is a program designed specifically for women chasing that first Pull-Up and dreaming of become a Push-Up ninja!


This is the #1 goal for many women after they begin training, and we are here to help. The program is designed by Shero Life head coach using science based principles, and techniques perfected over a decade of coaching women to their first Pull Ups.


What To Expect


6 week Progressive Strength Program

This is a 6 week program designed with the purpose of building the foundation. strength needed for your first Pull-Up

3 Strength Training Workouts per week

These Upper Body Strength Sessions will progress week to week building to higher levels of difficulty as you get stronger.

Easy to Use App

All delivered to your personal app with videos so you can easily follow your workout anywhere, in the gym or with minimal equipment at home. 


*This is a once off 6 week program.*

Pull-Up Shero

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