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Couch to Shero is an 6 week home based training program. 


Get started and feel confident from the comfort of your own home. If you have never trained before, or are coming back from a long break or injury - this is a good place to start. 



What To Expect

  • Initial lifestyle questionnaire consultation with your coach prior to program allocation.
  • 3 x 30-40 min home based workouts per week aimed at gaining back balance, mobility and strength in functional movement patterns.
  • In app messaging for coaching feedback & one detailed check-in for feedback and support at the end of your 4th week.
  • Access to The Shero Life Coaching App to make your program easily accessible.
  • Detailed tutorial videos and habit coaching within the app to ensure the most success possible.


When you sign up, your coach will contact you to find out more about you to ensure the program fits your life perfectly. 


This is a once-off 6 week program, you will have coaching support during the 6 weeks through the coaching app.

Couch to Shero

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