Shero Women's Circle ⭕


Shero Women's Circle ⭕

A women's circle is a safe space where women of all ages can come together to share their life stories, express their emotions, set positive intentions and harness the collective power of a group of like-minded individuals who are attuned to their need for connection & healing. They provide a supportive sense of sisterhood that many women feel is lacking in their lives. 

Join us to experience a guided breathwork session, understand how we hold stress and emotion in the body and learn grounding tools for self support. The session will be led by Jesse Akister ♥️

Date/Time: Saturday 8th October,

5 to 8 pm @ The Talib Family Farm 

*Pot luck dinner - Bring a dish to share*

Location 📍 Talib Family Farm Al Awir

Free for Shero Card Holders, 75dhs for non members.