Fit(H)er - Year End Edition

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Fit(H)er is not just another training program!


6 weeks of holistic female focused training to transform your life through movement.


Learn to train for your body.

Gain confidence to up level in all areas of your life, leading to a more fulfilled, focused drive to conquer your goals.


DATE: Monday 7th Nov -  Saturday 17th December


What To Expect:


Three in-Person Mandatory Classes Every Week + Optional 4th Weekend Training Session

With each class programmed to support you physically and emotionally throughout the month, helping you conquer your training and life goals with increasing confidence.

Unparalleled Personal Coaching

With each group capped at 8, you get a very involved personal coaching experience with your trainer fully immersed in your individual capabilities & goals – all the while practicing safe social distancing!

Shero Life Training App

Access to the exclusive training app where you can review your upcoming program, keep track of your progress, habits, and goals; and a group chat to share your awesome Shero wins, challenges, and banter!

Weekly Educational Videos

Made exclusively for the Sheroes, these videos and resources are designed to address more holistic wellbeing among your small group, including your nutrition, sleep, stress, and general health, as well as debunking some common training misconceptions!


The Important Stuff…



Chase Fitness, Just Play Complex, Al Quoz  (Private Ladies Only Studio) 



6am, 7am, 8:30am, 6:30pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday


10am Saturdays 


Training Begins - Monday 7th November

Training Ends - Saturday 17th December


How much?

Dhs 2,300 for the full training experience, including access to the Shero app and personalised training goals


Dhs 1,950 for Shero members cause they’re awesome – sign up to become a Shero by adding Become a Shero to cart! 

Get exclusive discounts on gym gear, merch, and training programs.


Each group is capped at 8 participants.



Jesse Akister is a Strength and Rehabilitation Coach with over a decade of experience coaching in the UAE, as a CrossFit and Powerlifting athlete she has deep knowledge of strength and functional training, her coaching uses a holistic approach to teach you greater connection to your physical and emotional body, its needs and how to support through all stages of life.


Denisa Orthova is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Besides her passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle, Denisa has never stopped educating herself both in her competing sport of weightlifting, as well as more holistic health and fitness disciplines. She believes no day is ever lost, as she strives to make herself better in every possible way. This translates into her philosophy for training, helping her clients to achieve their full potential.




How is this different to any other training program?

Our training approach combines training your physical needs through movement and education, with tools and coaching for your emotional needs. This holistic approach is different from anything you’ve tried before it treats you a whole human.


What if I'm a beginner and have never lifted before?

Our coaches have over a decade of experience coaching all levels of experience, this is the perfect environment for beginners as you will be learning from the best when you start!  


What if I have injuries that stop me doing some movements?

Our coaches know how to support people through rehab and correctional exercises, if you have clearance from a doctor to train then we can help you. If you have specific concerns, we can have a chat with you to ensure you feel comfortable before signing up.


I don’t want to put on muscles, I just want to get toned?

This is a common misconception, that we are happy to dispel. Women after 30 begin to lose muscle and bone density, and due to our hormone profile, it is much harder for us to build muscle mass than men. For this reason, resistance training is vital for women's health as they age. If you are under 30, this is the perfect time to learn how to strength train safely creating the foundations for a habit sustaining your quality life as you age.

It is literally impossible to build large muscles without extreme measures for

women, you have nothing to worry about.


Is this program for everyone?

This program is not for everyone. You need to be willing to commit to the process for 4 weeks and be female :D If you want to join but are only able to half commit you will still achieve results and begin feeling better and enjoying more energy. If you don’t like to learn, play, make new friends and have a whole load of fun, this might not be for you just yet.